RN Philosophy of Fitness

Everybody wants to reach their dream physique and it is very possible and achievable for anybody. We whole heartily believe in you. You can make the changes you wish to see. It does take a lot of discipline and hard work but it is very achievable, possible and extremely rewarding on the other side. There are three key things that you need to succeed to achieve the physique of your dreams. 

1) Diet

Diet is a given and most people when they hear diet they automatically assume salads and chicken 7 days a week. Honestly, that is a great method but for most people it isn't realistic to start with a strict diet 7 days a week. We recommend starting with 2 full days of healthy meals while cutting out 2-3 unhealthy things in the first week such as Soda and chips or candy and cake pick 2-3 things that you normally eat that are unhealthy and stop them. 

Week two, meal prep and eat healthy for 3 days this week and cut out another unhealthy habit. this is the process you should repeat over and over until you reach 7 days a week of meal prep and healthy choices daily. This is helping you build a long term sustainable diet plan to follow. 

2) Exercise

This will vary depending on your goal, no matter what your goal is however weight training is always a good option wether you are trying to lose weight or gain lean muscle. The rep ranges and intensity or rate of perceived exhaustion (RPE) will vary slightly but the most important thing to remember is being consistent in your training. 

Again if you are new to the gym setting a goal to exercise 6 times a week from nothing is a pretty unlikely scenario. More often than not people end up quitting entirely and not going at all. To build for the long term, start with going twice a week. Even if that is just Saturday and Sunday to start. Then the next two weeks go three times and continue that trend. Feel free to adjust it to what suits you best but it seems like two weeks and add a day seems to work well when keeping the long term in mind. 

Most importantly HAVE A PLAN. When you don't have a plan, you walk into the gym with your cell phone in hand and spend more time working your thumbs on Instagram then you do actually lifting weights. Leave your phone in your car, in your gym bag wherever just keep it out of your hand. Push yourself, this is the hardest part mentally. A lot of people hit 10 reps and put the weights down when they could've done 20. Keep pushing yourself, stick to your plan and stay consistent and you will see results.

3) Recovery/Sleep

This... This is so incredibly important but is one of the most neglected things we as humans do. We have made it a status symbol to sleep less and do more. This is absolutely horrible for your brain and body long term. 7-9 hours of sleep is 100% necessary and should be a top priority in everyones life. Sleeping 8 hours significantly lowers your chances at many illnesses and diseases. 

Sleep is how you recover, when you go to sleep you naturally go through different sleep cycles you have non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep which is made up of 4 stages. Stages 1&2 which are light sleep. Stages 3&4 are deep sleep and finally you have Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep AKA dream sleep. When you are stages 3&4 your body is physically recovering from the brutal training sessions you are doing in the gym. This recovery is crucial to building muscle mass and avoiding injury. REM sleep AKA dream sleep is how you mentally recover. If you aren't mentally recovering to your full capacity it is much easier to lack in discipline and make a poor choice on your diet or maybe even skip your workout entirely. 

Sleep is debatably the most important part in this because without good sleep your workouts will lack and your diet will slip.


The last and most important part to all this is DISCIPLINE. Discipline is showing up to the gym when you don't want too. It is meal prepping instead of eating out, it is trading nights at the bar for early mornings in the gym. YOU NEED DISCIPLINE to succeed in any of these categories. Once you can put those three keys together consistently you will continue to see results. You don't need to cheat your way to the top with supplements, hormones, or fad diets. Keep it simple. Don't over-complicate it and you will succeed. 

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