We specialize in adding lean muscle to your frame, no matter your build you can pack on muscle. The key is to train the right way. Let us show you how. We are committed to giving you the coaching and tools you need to succeed. Empowering you to be healthier, happier, more confident, and physically/mentally stronger.

We are located in Epping, NH. Near the Sig Sauer Academy/ Star Speedway. Off of Exeter Rd (RT27).

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Meet Nick, Trainer/Owner

I have been training in the gym since I was a kid. I started this business in hopes of giving you the feeling I have received over the years from exercise. The feeling of working hard and accomplishing your goals, bettering your physical and mental health day after day. It is unmatched. I have been in business almost 5 years I am ISSA certified with a specialization in bodybuilding. Through my years I have learned that there are really 3 keys to success and I look forward to sharing them with you.

Our facility

We are a private location meaning you/your group are the only people in the gym during your session. Our facility is always kept to a high standard of cleanliness. Come see it for yourself!




RN Fitness is a private location. Meaning your sessions are your time and your time only. You are welcome to bring a friend but there is nobody else around to distract you from your workouts.

You will get results

Everyone always promises results but they ask too much too fast and it ends up setting you back. Here you will be pushed out of your comfort zone but gradually. What does that do? It sets you up for long term success to ensure you continue on down a healthy lifestyle path.

You will be coached on nutrition

Not only do we take your training to the next level but we also set you up for success in the kitchen.


Our training is 10% cheaper than the average training rate and we offer buddy rates if you want to bring a friend. How can we afford that? We don't have a large overhead giving us the ability to lower our prices. We charge $60 for the hour. If you get a buddy to tag along it drops down to $40per person. Less expensive, better training!